Contractual Hourly Basis

Recruitment Service

med_2Clinicians are available on a contractual hourly basis with the option to transfer to a staff position with your organization.


We recruit and credential qualified professionals for either part-time or full-time positions. These applicants are sent to you for interviews until the position is filled. They will continue to work for Ultimate Consultation unless you desire to make the transfer to your organization. If, for any reason, you wish to terminate their service, add another worker or re-configure the job responsibilities, we will help facilitate the changes.


Advantages of Contractual Hourly Basis

  • Aviod union enrollment
  • Reduce payroll expenses
  • Outsource human resources costs including:
  • advertising
  • interviewing
  • credentialing
  • Hire and fire at will (without fear of litigation)
  • Fill positions quickly and efficiently
  • Capitalize on profit potential
  • Maintain operational control
  • Reduce your financial and professional liability
med_3Clinicians are available on a full time basis for your organization.


We recruit and credential qualified staff for your organization based upon your specifications and send you a number of applicants for your consideration. The Successful applicant is hired by your organization.






Advantages of Recruitment Services

  • Access our database of hundreds of qualified medical executives and administrators
  • Outsource human resources costs
  • Expedite entire hiring process

(Fee based on 9% of annual salary)